Wednesday, 16 July 2008

PM's Question Time

I watch this farce week after week but I have rarely seen democracy destroyed as it was today. Gordon Brown deliberately refused to answer questions from his opposite number David Cameron. This ridiculous event is entitled Prime Minister's Question Time whereby the PM should at least try to answer the questions.

The traditional epitome of democracy is supposedly encompassed by our parliament and its procedures. These procedures have guarded the democratic principles of the western nations for centuries and yet week on week out we see NoLab evading any attempt to question their incompetence.

No question posed to them is met with an honest or any type of answer. It has become an unedifying farce where this twerp who poses as a Prime Minister is exposed every Wednesday as a complete idiot. Does he really believe that the electorate cannot see through this charade.

This week we have had ridiculous media driven suggestions by a hopeless Home Secretary, a hopeless Chancellor of the Exchequer and a hopeless PM. They are completely clueless in how to tackle the social breakdown that they have caused.

They have caused a climate of indecision whereby no matter what is suggested they will cave in to the first person who attempts to destroy the argument. We need courage. We need leadership. We need a complete change of direction and yet we have Gordon Brown and his cabinet mates. None of them has ever proven anything but their utter lack of fitness for the positions that they hold but we could be stuck with them for another two years. In every By-Election held in recent times they have been destroyed. Nobody believes anything that Gordon Brown says anymore but still he clings on to his unearned power.

Only the people in England would not march on 10 Downing Street and physically throw him out. The damage this man could cause in the next two years is incalculable. We have never had a worse cabinet. This PM could not even be bothered to turn up for the debate on the 'John Lewis List'. He is frankly scared of his own shadow. Cherie Blair must be ecstatic!!

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