Thursday, 31 July 2008

Increasing cost of Essentials

Today that excellent guru of finance Martyn Lewis appeared on BBC news and told the truth. He has an excellent track record of telling the truth and in my opinion he should be Chancellor but that is another matter. For at least two years Martyn has made a career out of warning us all that the High Street banks could not be trusted. He took them on almost single handed and quite rightly he has made a career out of it.

Today he spelt out the obvious but the point he made was really valid. It is not the job of the people running the utility companies that heat our homes, fuel our cars and provide us with water to ensure that the taxpayer is given a good deal. Their job is to assure that their share holders gain as much profit as possible and quite clearly they are doing a fantastic job!

When successive governments sold off the utilities which we are all dependent upon they sold us all down the river. We are now in the hands of private enterprise and we are consequently all dependent on a few individuals and we must hope that they have mercy on us. Obviously that is too much to ask because human nature is such that they will screw the public until there is nothing more to screw!

This is the cost of politics. They have taken so much from the country and now apparently there is little left. Both our major parties have screwed us all to the extent that we are in the hands of a few people who will never ever stand for election. Can you imagine a world without electricity, without water, without gas or even without petrol? Just how much are you prepared to pay for the essentials? Well I predict that very soon you will be paying it because nobody is regulating the prices that we will pay.

The people (according to Martyn Lewis) who are responsible for this destruction of our democracy are our politicians. They have created a political bubble where they remain protected from the public at all costs. When did people like Brown and Blair last expose themselves to the public gaze? They act like royalty but remember they actually campaign as socialists! That is why I coined the tag of NoLab for them because the New Labour party have absolutely no Socialist policies whatsoever.

In order to provide them with the funds to politicise the Civil Service, the Police, the NHS and almost every other walk of our lives they sold off everything to the private sector. They are not now responsible for any of the aspects of our life which we believe are absolutely essential.

To deflect from this desperate state of affairs they trump up issues like climate change but this will hardly effect us if we have no electricity, gas, water or petrol or if we cannot afford any of them!

When we get another election or if we ever get another election then David Cameron should be nailed down to explain what he has planned to ensure that we can maintain a decent and affordable standard of living. We should forget the peripherals and concentrate on the essentials. When they come for your vote ask them what they intend to do about the essential utilities and don't get fobbed off!!

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