Friday, 18 July 2008

Education - 'I don't believe it'!

What will it take to get the English people really angry? Our children are being let down by the Educationalists for decades but nothing like the situation that exists today under this utterly incompetent government. We have already had examples of the marking by educational superstar Peter Buckroyd who awarded marks to the idiot who scrawled f*** Off on his exam paper and then attempted to justify his arrogance.

Now the nonsense has reached levels which would only be tolerated in this country. The SATS tests have not been marked on time, there is real concern about the standard of marking and there are even administrative problems. The company which has been awarded the contract (ETS) is apparently American so it is hardly surprising that they are struggling with a foreign education system. What has happened to our traditional marking system? Why are we contracting it out? Our teachers used to mark the papers from other schools. How has the system of marking in this country crumbled to such an extent that it is chaotic. Who is in charge?

Now I may be wrong but I always thought that the Minister for Education had ultimate responsibility for the Education of our children. However, in the la-la world of NoLab it appears that this is not the case. Our Education Minister is appropriately entitled Balls which gives license for so many jokes but this is no joke. When questioned about the fiasco he just smiled and denied any responsibility. When is Ed Balls going to earn the immense sum of money that he and his partner (Yvette Cooper) take out of the public purse?

The education of our children is the bedrock of any democracy. Our education has been destroyed and it has been done systematically decade after decade until we get to Peter Buckroyd and his appreciation of the 'F' word and that can be seen on every street corner of England today.

Whenever Gordon Brown appears on television ask yourself why he never addresses the problem of education? You will hear all kinds of rubbish about climate change, food wastage and problems in Africa but he never mentions that the education of our children has been let down by his government. Ed Balls is a prat. Every sane person can see that his position is purely down to his slavish devotion to the Gordon Brown campaign.

It is now all unravelling as is democracy in this country. David Cameron has a real problem on his hands because when he wins the next election he must bring back sanity to the system which educates our children. I kind of suspect that it is twenty years too late.

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