Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Glasgow East By-Election!

Tonight we are on the eve of the final decision on the Prime Minister's leadership capability. Tomorrow the voters of Glasgow East, arguably one of the poorest communities in the country and also the bedrock of NoLab support, will deliver a verdict on the 'Clunking Fist'.

I cannot believe that any of them would even consider to vote for a man who has reneged on all of the 'John Smith' Socialist principles and sold us out to Europe but they will. This is a constituency where it is almost heretic to vote for anything other than Labour. I know because my parents emanated from Motherwell and these people are almost brainwashed. My father once told me that he would be ashamed of me if I enjoyed winning (at the time) £75000 on the Football Pools!!

The mindset of the Glasgow East voter is so extraordinary that it is not out of the question that NoLab could possibly hold this seat despite the fact that the other candidates do not appear to be that charismatic! To be honest where did they find them? Alex Salmond dominates the seat but where are the NoLab leaders. Margaret Curran is the sacrificial lamb but why are the Westminster Leaders not fighting tooth amd claw to support her. The reason is that they are ashamed of their pathetic performance. If they dare to emerge from their Westminster bubble then they hear the public response to their 'vision of our future'.

Tomorrow we will discover what even these voters think but I tell you what if Gordon Brown loses Glasgow East then he really cannot defy the title that he is the worst Prime Minister in the history of our country. I wait with baited breath and I keep my fingers tightly crossed that there are enough people not dependent on the taxpayer for their income who decide to find a polling station. Yeah well don't hold your breath...!!

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