Saturday, 12 July 2008

New Labour and the Armed Forces

Throughout my service in the army and even more it recent times it has been generally acknowledged in military circles that Gordon Brown and his cohorts have little time for the Armed Services. They have cut back everything that they could cut back and yet they still manage to involve us in wars which I still find difficulty in supporting.

I sometimes retain sufficient scepticism to think that behind the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may even be a ploy to keep the Armed Forces so stretched that they will not be able to support any organised attempt to overthrow this tainted government. I know that we are not yet a banana republic and we don't overthrow governments in this country but sometimes I dream that it might not be such a bad idea. A guy can dream can't he?

Anyway it has recently been reported that up to 50% of the army are about to throw in the towel and leave at the earliest available opportunity. That is unprecedented but can we blame them? We are shipping meaningful casualties now and the PM still will not spend the money to keep them safe. It is a crime that they are travelling around a warzone in Land Rovers which do not have the capability to withstand roadside bombs.

During recent times the army has had General Sir Richard Dannatt leading them and he has consistantly lobbied the government to come up with the money to support their unjust wars. NoLab and Gordon Brown in particular hate any form of opposition. They have politicised almost everything to the extent that nobody has the guts to say 'No' because they will be punished like they would be in the old Soviet Union. True to form General Dannatt has been passed over for the role of Chief of the General Staff and so have the heads of the Navy and the RAF because they agreed with General Dannatt.

I now await the muppet, sorry puppet, who will jump into the job which he does not merit or deserve. Whoever is appointed will demonstrate his utter lack of integrity and is not fit to lead the brave lads and lasses on the front line. It is despicable to treat men of principle in this way but it is the NoLab/Brown way and the electorate know it. That is why they are cooked and I personally will watch their abject humiliating rejection by the public with more than a little glee. What a shame that it will take so long for them to be demolished as a party and what damage they will do before they go.

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