Sunday, 13 July 2008

Knife Crime (again!)

I apologise for revisiting this sphere of crime so soon but the response of the government is so utterly inadequate it is derisory. The Home Secretary has had the brilliant idea that if they make some of the aggressors meet the victims of knife crime then all will be well again!

By this very suggestion she demonstrates totally that she does not want to halt the slaughter on our streets. How can she truly believe that the thugs who are sticking knives in people care a tuppenny damn about the results of their actions? This is ridiculous but then I suppose any old soundbite will do to appease the public but for God's sake don't advocate punishment for these people.

I have suggested previously that I believe this breakdown of our society is being orchestrated by our political class. We vote but our vote means nothing. None of the accepted political parties have any intention of introducing anything that the voters want or need. Even in court it has been advocated that an election pledge (on the referendum on Europe for example) is not a promise! That means that they can tell you any old shit and after you cast your vote then it is back to normal.

Look how evasive David Cameron is if faced with a direct question. The differnece between him and Gordon Brown is that Gordon is inept but Cameron is devious. Every time I look at Cameron I think Tony Blair!!

This government does not wish to halt knife crime because it is yet another stage towards total anarchy when we will all have to depend on the government for our salvation. Yes I know... the crazy man has once again attacked the political he must be a lunatic because nobody could believe that anyone would do such a thing! Wake up guys and girls it is happening!

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