Saturday, 5 July 2008

Glasgow East By-Election

You really couldn't make it up could you? As I understand it the government has called a by-election in Glasgow East following the resignation of the NoLab MP for 'health reasons'. This constituency is a red hot Labour seat as are so many in this neck of the woods with a 13,000 plus majority.

I would have thought that local NoLab councillors would have been tripping over themselves to grab the money that the MPs vote for themselves but suddenly nobody wants to admit to being NoLab. All the other candidates are in place and the other parties are gearing up for the fight but NoLab hasn't announced their man/woman yet. What can the problem be? Have the wheels finally come right off the trolley and if so is it not about time that the PM realised that the game is up?

Let's face it nothing works anymore. They can't even get the results of the kids exams out on time. NoLab have subverted all aspects of public life and the upshot is that nothing works and nobody is happy apart from the few who have their snouts in the trough filled with public money.

If even the die hard, hard nosed, Scottish Labour disciples are giving up the ghost then there is really no hope. These heartland voters are the very core of the Socialist support. I know because I was brought up in a socialist household by Scottish parents where the very word 'Conservative' was regarded as bad language.

The trouble is that NoLab have reneged on their socialist principles and have proven time and time again that they don't give a tuppenny damn about the working man. This will have gone down very badly in places like Glasgow East and I predict that they will kick Gordon's backside!

The other aspect of the by-election is that under Alex Salmond the Scots feel so much better off than the English which will lift their spirits. When they look south at the antics of the Westminster parliament they must love the fact that generally only the English are suffering under a government which is choc full of Scots. It is the Bannockburn factor.

They have also recently lost wee Wendy Alexander (Scottish leader of NoLab) on sleaze charges and so the stock of NoLab could not be lower. The fact remains however, that if NoLab lose Glasgow East then they are finished as a credible political force and Gordon Brown has no mandate to continue to ruin our country.

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