Thursday, 3 July 2008

Knife Crime!

I cannot believe that the establishment are continually debating the cause of knife crime. It would be so simple to stop all this nonsense but for the life of me I cannot understand why no political spokesperson will address this problem in a sensible manner.

If people carry knives then they intend to use them. Therefore when a knife carrying person is detected then they should be punished. The problem appears to be what type of punishment should be handed out?

How about a punishment that will deter the carrying of knives? Five years... ten years... the problem is that the people who we rely upon to solve the crime on our streets are impotent. They will not or dare not face the facts that their policies have created the climate of fear that exists in our society today.

We must find a deterrent which the criminal will respect and fear. If we cannot find that deterrent then we may as well accept that the knife wielding criminal will continue to prosper. So the next time that someone is stabbed to death please do not wring your hands and blame incompetent parents because in reality it is the imcompetent politicians who have led to the situation we have in our society today.


Iain said...

And over the weekend there have been another two deaths due to knives.The legislation is already in place. The law states "carrying a bladed article in a public place without reasonable excuse is an offence". Reasonable excuse being a chef, carpet fitter or the like. Outside of these situations there can only be one "mens rea"! That of harm to another person and as such has now to be deemed attempted murder, an offence at common law of which there is a mandatory sentence of life. It would take a year for these scumbags to get the message! Yes our prison population would certainly rocket, so build more! Triple the cells up, we really don't care.

But you see once again Britain does not have the infrastructure to be able to support what needs to be done. We are told by this Government to use public transport more, there is no reliable cost effective public transport any longer. We are told to go green and bio fuel is the way forward yet yesterday the government advised us that bio fuel is not the way forward as it is pushing up food prices.

We have a failed, no disgraced Home Secretary (twice)now fronting a reality TV program on youth offending.

We are being led by bloody idiots and we must be worse than bloody idiots for letting it happen and for continuing to let it happen!

bryboy said...

So what is the answer? I have been advocating opposition to both the major parties for some time because we have been going downhill for the past forty years. Our citizens are brainwashed that we only have two credible political parties because they spend so much money promoting themselves. Surely somewhere we have someone capable of thinking more about the country than themselves. They appear however, during this time, to have dumbed down the aspirations of the public.
The media (in the hands of those who sponsor politics) are happy to destroy all opposition and the public drink it all in. When will people get real?