Friday, 18 July 2008

Crime Statistics and the Truth!

Yesterday evening the BBC led their news broadcasts on the ridiculous premise that overall crime in this country is down. Other broadcasters treated this statistic with a lot more scepticism. This morning on the 'Matthew Wright' show on Channel Five a serving copper revealed that the crime stats are a farce which most of us already know.

They do not include (why not) any crime committed by kids under 16 who let's face it commit quite a lot of crime! Most of us shrug our shoulders at crime which we can cope with because the police quite frankly are just not interested. This results in so much crime not being reported. Then again car manufacturers are now protecting cars more expertly and householders are also protecting their properties regardless of personal expense. It has nothing to do with the government or the police!

Our Police Force just like our Civil Service and the BBC has been politicised to the extent that their independence and their neutrality is now deeply suspect. Everybody knows what the copper this morning confirmed that the police chiefs will touch their forelocks and comply with every demand from their political masters. If you received your dodgy promotion (with loadsa money) courtesy of NoLab then of course you will fiddle the stats!

Democracy is the only loser!

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