Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Education, Education, Education!

I can just imagine my brother opening the morning paper today and screeching 'I don't believe it'! Any of us who are old enough to remember when examinations tested us thoroughly and as a result we left school with a foundation for employment have despaired over the past 40 years as British comprehensive education has been reduced to an embarrassing level of inadequacy.

Behind this dumbing down of education have been a group of educational theorists who have systematically destroyed English education and ruined the young lives of at least two generations of children. The problem is that they are very astute and rarely raise their heads above the parapet. Every now and then however, one of them breaks cover and today Peter Buckroyd has at long last identified himself as a total idiot. The problem is that if you 'Google' Peter Buckroyd you discover that he is a paragon of the educational establishment. He is an author many times over, an expert on the English language and the Chief Examiner for the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance! So why has he caught the attention of the columnists and bloggers?

Well he recently awarded marks to a student who had written 'F**k off' on his examination paper. Not only did the prat award marks for this profanity he then attempted to justify his actions. He actually seems quite proud of what he did because he has instructed other examiners to follow his lead.

This raises so many questions about this man's suitability for the job. Obviously he should be sacked immediately and carted off to the nearest establishment for balmy educationalists but then if there were such places they would have been packed full years ago.

There is absolutely no justification for this idiocy. The paper should not have been submitted for marking in the first place but Buckroyd's obvious delight in the controversy should identify him as utterly unsuitable for the position he holds but of course it won't. It will only become yet another nail in the coffin of English education.

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