Saturday, 12 July 2008

Knife Crime

It continues unabated and yet still this government cannot find a policy which will deter the anarchy on the streets. Nothing of substance is emanating from 10 Downing Street. There is slaughter on the streets of our country. Knife crime is unprecedented and our leader tells us to stop wasting food!!

Why, why, why can't someone on high recognise that we must get REALLY tough in order to reverse the trend. You cannot respect the Human Rights of a person who is prepared to stick a blade into someone for no reason. Even the non-existent police force cannot deal with this.

I am sick of seeing thugs leaving court with a smile on their face! I want to hear the first wail of recognition that they are actually going to be punished for their crime. I want to see someone screaming that justice is unfair, that they don't deserve their sentence. I want to see fear in the criminal community...but then if your aim is anarchy on the streets then it will never happen.

I don't know who is pulling Gordon Brown's strings but they are doing a great job of destroying England as a country. Somewhere along the line the European connection is enjoying the problems here because they are ignoring it.

Someone,somewhere wants our children to kill one another because nobody is doing anything to stop it! Is this yet another legacy of the mass immigration policy because most of the crimes appear to involve those who perceive themselves as socially disadvantaged.

Yes I know that I am being non PC but until we face facts then one day it will be your son or your daughter! I predict that nothing will be done because what is happening is all part of the plan to destroy the home of democracy. Let them prove me wrong and I will be ecstatic to be proved wrong!!

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