Friday, 25 July 2008

Glasgow East - where now Gordon?

In recent months after every election that he has lost Gordon Brown has appeared on television and announced that 'he will get on with the job because that is what people want him to do." He sounds like a cracked record and proves that he never listens to anything that he doesn't want to hear.

People do NOT want him to get on with the job. He is an unelected imposter who has compounded his disgraceful appointment by selling us out to Europe and taxing the public on any excuse. His much vaunted reputation on financial matters now looks as tarnished as his leadership qualities. He just hasn't got it and only a man with unprecedented arrogance would continue under the current circumstances. Single handedly he is bringing down a major political party. Don't get me wrong they have deserved it because as I have said many times they reneged on socialist principles as soon as Tony Blair got his hands on the keys to Number Ten.

The problem is that, as things stand with Labour dead, there is only one party who can win the next election and that is not good for democracy. It appears that the public realise it because in Glasgow East only about 42% turned up to vote. That is ridiculous and even bearing in mind that this constituency is one of the poorest in the country it reflects how severely the public have lost confidence in our politicians. Maybe some of the Labour backbenchers should get together and challenge their cabinet under the banner of REAL LABOUR because they have little more than a year to gain some respect before oblivion.

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