Tuesday, 8 July 2008

The Absent Prime Minister

I see that most of our political leaders are now honing in on Glasgow East but what about our Prime Minister? This Scottish individual has apparently written a book about men with courage and yet when did he last appear in public? When did he, even with police protection, place one delicate foot into the public domain?

He is displaying all the symptoms of the archetypal coward. He has 'bottled' all the recent major decisions. He didn't vote in the expenses debate despite reports that he paid his SKY subscription from the public purse so that tells us everything about where his sympathies lie.

He lectures about the waste of food when our country is suffering from an economic downturn ten years after NoLab came to power which eventually could lead to recession. No ideas about mass immigration, the rise of knife crime, the plight of the farmers or the transport industry, nothing about more prisons, more police on the streets, challenging the edicts from Europe or why council tax is rising but services are diminishing. In fact nothing for the general public but lots more for the PM who travels everywhere by special planes/helicopters/limosines but continues to preach that the rest of us plebs should listen to the nanny state. Did you see the menu for the G8 summit?

The BLOGs are humming that Harriet Harman is about to mount a challenge to his leadership. Gawd help us but he is really useless and NoLab are dead in the water so what does it matter?!

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