Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Low Paid Workers

So it has at long last come to the point where the only people who support NoLab are actually demanding action from them. The very people who have need of government support because their wages (I hesitate to call it salaries) are being reduced year after year have finally gone on strike.

They are striking because the government refuses to publish accurate inflation figures which means that the value of the meagre incomes of the lowest paid workers has diminished. These are some of the poorest paid workers in the country. These are the people who pay the contributions which eventually arrive into NoLab coffers. They are the only people left who support this bunch of charlatans.

NoLab has found billions to fund the idiots who over committed their bank at Northern Roc and also to rescue their faux pas over the 10p tax rate prior to their latest disastrous By-Election result. They refuse to help the only people who support them. Is it not about time that the Unions withdraw their support, consign these idiots to the dustbin of failed policies, possibly rediscover 'Old Labour' or blackmail Gordon into recognizing that he 'needs' the poor people!

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