Thursday, 10 January 2008

A really important examination.

Three years ago my son suddenly announced that he wanted to be a student. No big shock there except that he was 34 and an HGV1 driver with no educational background. Even so there are plenty of 'soft' subjects where a degree can be obtained but he chose Law!

By driving through the night and studying through the day at an East London College he passed the foundation course and went north to Edinburgh. By this time he had married, bought a house and a year later a dear little daughter arrived.

Next week he takes his second year exams. Now these exams are difficult enough to a student without other responsibilities but somehow he has kept everything afloat even though he has often done a 15 hour shift overnight and then gone to lectures.

He deserves to succeed but regardless of the outcome I just want him to know how proud I am of his efforts. I am not one for prayer but I will ask his sister who is a committed Christian to send up a few words on his behalf.

Good Luck Son!

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