Monday, 28 January 2008

"I don't believe it!"

Yes, we're back to brother Victor's immortal expression as the bloggers and the main stream media (MSM) continue to uncover more and more parliamentary sleaze. Despite all the warnings, despite so mnay leading politicians losing Cabinet Posts in the past few years they just have to try it one more time.

The past few days reads like this. A Tory MP named Derek Conway has been reprimanded by the Electoral Commission for paying his 19 year old son £40000 over four years to act as a researcher despite the fact that he was a full time student at Newcastle University. According to the adjudication there was no proof that the student did anything during that time. He has been fine £13000 but why not the full amount? Why are these people allowed to retain their seats?

Then we have Alan Johnson now defending himself against Hain like allegations that he failed to declare a donation. I just cannot understand how this can happen time and time. If these people cannot manage their own personal election accounts how can they manage the colossal budgets of a government department?

Arch Blogger Guido Fawkes who is rapidly becoming my hero has unearthed even more attempts by the Hain Camp to cover up his campaign expenses. An E-Mail has emerged which appears to indicate that the employees of Morgan Allen Moore who's chief, Steven Morgan, was closely associated with Hain's deputy Leadership campaign had been used to organise meetings. The salaries of these people, who don't come cheap. have never been declared and yet surely just to keep things nice and honest they should have been.

According to the MSM there are so many MP's now under police investigation for misuse of funds and the suchlike. I now know why we never see a proper copper on the streets. They are all investigating our members of parliament!

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