Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Honourable Gentleman.

I first mentioned the Peter Hain 'affair' just after I began this BLOG because the Guido Fawkes blog had been on the case for a couple of weeks or so. He is now being credited with being the first BLOG to bring down a Cabinet Minister.

At the time I wrote that Peter Hain would never resign voluntarily and that Gordon Brown would never sack Hain because he was too steeped in the NuLab culture. You can imagine there fore that when I saw the headline on SKY News that Gordon Brown was quoted as saying "Peter Hain had done the honourable thing" I nearly choked on my betting slips. Honourable? He clung on grimly by this fingertips until he was finally referred to the police before he bailed out. There was nothing honourable about this case.

I will therefore make another prediction. Peter Hain will not go to jail. He will be censored as to his future conduct and then he will head straight back into the cabinet at the earliest possible opportunity. I hope that I'm wrong but the law in this country is in a thoroughly rotten state at the moment and NuLab look after their own like no other political party in history.

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