Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Expensive MPs

I am really quite chuffed with my little self chattering away to a blank wall. First of all I got onto the Peter Hain story before it really blew up and secondly I argued that Derek Conway should be kicked out of parliament and within 24 hours he had been deselected (ie kicked out!).

I bet that at this moment in time there are a good few MPs glancing nervously over their shoulders at who The Bloggers will out next! These outrageous expenses currently being claimed by the vast number of MPs should be scrutinised very keenly. If a spouse is working for a husband/wife then I think their work should be highly visible. They should be working office hours on a regular basis. I have had a quick scan through the annual expenses published on the website 'They Work for You' and the majority are claiming between £130000-£150000 a year on top of their annual salaries. Personally I cannot see how this can possibly be justified.

There is possibly some excuse for the MPs who travel extensively from the north of Scotland (although why they attend Westminster instead of Edinburgh beats me) but those who can commute by tube have no excuses. I think that this story has a long, long way to run.

It is reported in the Daily Mail that the Speaker has blocked a request under the Freedom of Information Act for a list of all MPs who employ relatives! Why? Who is he trying to protect?

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