Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Peter Hain

Let me get my Victor Meldrew head on and declare that 'I don't believe it'. Cabinet Minister Peter Hain apparently has not declared all the donations he received for his Deputy Leadership campaign! Jesus Christ do they still not get it? There is a well known political BLOG run by a guy called Guido Fawkes who has been on this trail for a few days now. I could not believe that a New Labour Cabinet Minister would possibly leave himself open to any accusation of impropriety.

How many more? Our government gives the impression that they are totally out of control. One after another they are caught out trying to circumnavigate the rules and still their boss Gordon Brown comes onto the box attempting to appear that he is leading a normal, everyday political party. They are a rabble and we all know it. My only regret is that I am still not convinced that two/three party politics is the answer.

We are supposed to be a democracy but that is a nonsense. If I was elected to parliament tomorrow as an Independent I would be totally ineffectual because the system would guarantee that I would not get a voice. The two/three major parties have got everything stitched up.

There are shadowy figures who finance the two/three main parties. Why do they do this? There is only one reason and that is that they will gain influence and power without being elected. In our democracy money buys everything. In our society we cannot find any individual who will challenge the two main parties through the ballot box because money rules.

Who has decided that the British people should obey the extreme doctrines of Political Correctness? It sure wasn't the British people. Who has decreed that our once famous British humour which got us through two World Wars should be destroyed? It sure wasn't the British people. Who pays the piper calls the tune and neither of our three major parties seems to object to political correctness so someone is attacking our very existence.

If Peter Hain is guilty then he should resign but he won't because none of them ever do. Gordon Brown won't ask him to resign because Peter is so deeply entrenched in the New Labour programme which appears intent in destroying the culture of our country.

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