Monday, 7 January 2008


I retired last year and yet I still feel that I have a purpose in life. I have lived through unprecedented changes which have changed the character of my country completely and have left me with an enormous sense of frustration. England is not the country it once was and in my opinion it may never recover from the past twelve years. I have therefore set myself the task of trying to put a sense of perspective on the total nonsense which seems to surround me! Every day I pick up the newspaper and I am astounded at what I read. As my late great brother used to say 'I don't believe it' and this will be the theme of this blog.

I will be attempting to air common sense views on some of the political directives currently plagueing our society. It should not be difficult! I am not a politician, I am not a columnist, I am merely a member of the public who is fed up being ruled by people who appear to be residing in a political bubble enabling them to dip their snouts firmly into a financial trough created by our taxes. We, the public, must start to fight back. We must not accept that these people are unaccountable.

Almost everyone that I talk to has the same ambition for their families. Good education, reliable mental and physical healthcare, a sound transport system, a police force which will keep the law abiding safe and catch the criminals. We would then like a justice system which adequately had out punishments meant to deter these people from reoffending. Not much to ask for is it?

We are a very rich nation but somehow the money can never be accessed by the voter. If a politician wants something to happen then money is limitless. Tony wanted a war and Bingo a couple of lies later and our army is on the way to Iraq! He then wants another one and hey presto off we go into Afghanistan. They all want a politician's gravy train called Europe but what does that do for us? Most of us haven't a clue what it is all about and yet we spend billions on it and for what? Do we really need a foreign parliament to impose alien directives on us from afar. Isn't Westminster sufficient for our politicians? From the reports that I read it is rotten from top to bottom and hasn't passed an audit for many a year. How can our politicians justify inclusion in this pantomine which has underminded so much of our society. Why are they so determined to prevent a referendum? I think we all know the answer.

There is something else called Aid to Africa which I will never understand. Apparently we give countries like the Sudan millions of pounds in financial aid. Why do we do this when we are told almost daily that we cannot look after our own citizens? I don't mind a charitable project or two but when we, the electorate, ask for something there is never enough money left over for us.

I could go on and on (and probably will) and I will revisit these themes in the months to come. To be honest I don't expect anybody to be interested in the thoughts of mister grumpy old average male but I'm sure that I will personally feel a whole lot better.


Iain said...

It really has to be asked, “Is there any point to discussing it any longer?” I seriously feel there isn’t!
We all know that we are not represented, we all know we don’t really live in a democracy, we all know that the whole of the political spectrum is corrupt, we all know that the police can’t protect us from the scum and we all know that if they do the judiciary then won’t or indeed can’t!
Is there any point in taking about it any longer? I listen adnauseum to all the TV and radio phone ins where we all express these views and I’m sick of it all. We need to get out from behind our keyboards and take this country back!
I’m in my final year of a law degree. I’ve covered human rights, rights of the child, parental rights, rights of the citizen etc etc etc but where does the responsibilities that go with those rights ever feature? In my eye they run side by side! Yes we should all have rights but we all also have responsibilities and these responsibilities are being ignored right from the very top!
Our politicians are supposed to show the country how we all should conduct ourselves, lead by example. They lie, they cheat and they steal. And all seem to be above the law! The law they expect us all to abide by! I have tried hard to think of one front bench MP in the last 10 years that has not had one scandal or another. There is just scandal after scandal.
We have boys in the Middle East putting their lives on the line for what? WE ARE NEVER GOING TO WIN THAT TYPE OF WAR! They lied to get us into them both, they have lied to get us out of Iraq and very shortly they will lie to get us out of Afghanistan!
And when sensible members of our society apply rules that we all approve of (Magistrate sent back to training for asking a Muslim woman to remove veil in court) he is removed from the bench. These are the people we need in our society.
With the risk of having MI5 at my door and being arrested for “incitement”, this country needs a revolution! In fact do you know what, MI5 probably want one. It would be a chance for them to be able to keep this country safe from the people that want to destroy it. But I tell you what; I would be at the front of a serious coup. Something that is supported by the country, by the Monarch, by the people! Gone are the days of elections! WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!

bryboy said...

Strong stuff Iain but what really comes across is the same sense of frustration that many of my friends feel.The problem is that as native English people we seem to be ashamed to voice our political feelings. We actually wince if anyone even openly suggests that they would prefer their neighbours to be the same ethnic background as themselves. Are we so cowed that we have lost our courage and if so we deserve to lose our country!

Iain said...

I don't care if my neighbours are black, white, blue, pink or look like Mr Blobby! I want them to embrace the culture of Great Britain because this is the country that affords their protection. I don't care if they are Muslim, Hindu or any other religion they wish to follow. However, if you want to ride a motorbike they you have to wear a helmet. It's tough luck if you also wear a turban, then you can't ride a bike. It's as simple as that.

The laws we have in this country are for the whole country (including politicians). You can't just choose the ones you feel are just and ignore the ones you feel are unjust or we will end up going back to the classic natural law theorists where only "gods" law is just (for the lawyers out there)and man made laws have no place!

Come to think of it, isn't that what the majority of Muslims actually think anyway! Agh !!!!!!