Thursday, 10 January 2008

Peter Hain - the Bar is Raised!

I have only been doing this for a few days but already I am getting a buzz out of talking to the wall. A BLOG is really a blank sheet of paper and if Victor Meldrew's Brother wants to grumble about politics in the UK then the material is limitless. I picked two 'I don't believe it' stories and much to me surprise (or not as the case may be) they are both developing. When I wrote about Peter Hain not declaring £5000 donated towards his Deputy Leadership campaign I just thought how stupid he'd been considering the previous bad publicity gained by New Labour with regard to their alleged dodgy dealings linked to party funding.

Now the press are quoting something like £100,000 not being declared and forgive me but we are now in a different ball park! Nobody can ignore that much cash and if an incompetent administrator fails to declare it on your behalf and you know that you are spending vast sums on your campaign any sane person would check!

One newspaper has quoted that both Hain and Harriet Harman spent that amount on their respective campaigns and that left me with one further thought...WHY?!! Why would anyone spend that amount in an attempt to gain a political position? What is in it for them to justify that expenditure and what will the donors receive in return? I may be very naive but it absolutely stinks to high heaven.

If you want the full story go across to Guido Fawkes because unlike me he knows these people and is able to dig in depth.

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