Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Blogosphere

I firmly believe that the political spectrum is changing. I have always had an interest in the murkier side of British politics just because it is so utterly sleazy. Unfortunately we are so apathetic and complacent as an indiginous population that we are now going to pay dearly. Many cannot be bothered to vote, most of the younger generation haven't a clue about serious issues and the 'working class' have been conditioned to voting Labour for a variety of reasons most of it boiling down to laziness. Excuses like 'my family have always voted Labour' and 'I vote Labour because I am in the Trade Union' fell by the wayside the minute Brown and Blair arrived and turned Old Labour into New Conservative by ditching most of the principles upon which the original Labour Party had been formed.

The traditional press also line up largely on political grounds and the BBC has long since ceased to be a credible force when covering politics. This has created a void and in the last couple of years political bogs have emerged and are now being used to damaging effect.

The Peter Hain affair has seen them at their best and Guido Fawkes has been magnificent. He has christened the episode 'Donorgate' and has flushed out the organisation 'Progressive Policies Forum' as being used to launder money from people who Peter Hain did not want to be publicly associated with. I cannot possibly see how this discredited minister can possibly stay in office and surely he will join the long list of Labour ministers who have been blatantly caught breaking the law or morally cheating on their principles.

Guido has also been chasing Gordon Brown for some time now and I think that he is getting closer and closer to derailing this imposter. He is ably assisted and guided by Dizzy and Iain Dale's Diary all three leading the march of the political blogs.

It isn't just the Blogger who is important. The people who make the blogs are the contributors who often impart important snippets of information which they can contribute anonymously thus keeping their jobs! I welcome any comment even if it is a disagreement! Even better if it is a disagreement!

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