Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The expenses of our local MP and the inflation rate

I stumbled across a very interesting web site a couple of days ago called 'They Work For You. com' which analyses the performance of each individual MP. It is very interesting so I looked up
my own MP who I worked with spasmodically when we were both employees of Leicestershire County Council some years ago.

The expenses of MP's have recently received a lot of press coverage and so out of curiosity I checked out how extravagant he had been. Now I don't think he is anything out of the ordinary but what struck me was that in the last five years his expenses have increased by almost £50,000! A fifty grand increase meaning that he received £142,544 last year alone!

I have no reason to believe that this individual is anything other than a decent guy but if he can clock up that kind of wonga in expenses alone what would an unscrupulous MP get up to? If an ex employee of LCC can now claim expenses of nearly £150,000 per annum surely it just has to affect one's lifestyle. It also makes the PM's claim to Andrew Marr that inflation has only gone up 2% look a bit sick. According to the expenses of just this one MP it is much closer to 10% which is what most of us think it is!!

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