Tuesday, 8 January 2008


A couple of days ago My wife and I received an invitation to a joint 60th birthday party. We have known Jenny and Dennis for close on 38 years because Dennis and I served together for many years in the army. We met on an army Russian language course. He was the course star and I was an also ran but then he is quite the most accomplished linguist that I ever met and believe you me I have met a few.

It got me thinking about friendships and how we can judge them. Real friends are people who you can see very rarely but when you meet again then the years are rolled back. There is never anything but pleasure when you meet them. You know that if they ever need you then you would be there unconditionally and the good thing is that you know it would be reciprocated. Service life breeds that kind of friendship.

It is bred out of hardship and adversity because you learn who you can trust and who will go that extra mile for you and for the job. Service friends are friends for life and I feel so lucky to have been part of it at one time of my life. It should be a great occasion.

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