Friday, 18 January 2008

A chink of light in a world of madness!

A judge at Liverpool Crown Court yesterday did a remarkable thing. He blamed politicians for the current state of Law and Order in this country because bail is so readily available to young thugs who are habitually violent. He reckons that they are more concerned with 'rights' rather than duties and responsibilities. He called upon parents to take responsibility, community and faith leaders to stop excusing and condoning and the police to get back out onto the streets. Now we would probably all agree with that but what is so remarkable is that it is a judge who said it.

Contrast him with the magistrate and his two colleagues who told habitual criminal Adam Swellings with 11 violent offences behind him and admitting to yet another assault whilst obstructing a police officer that he would get a community service punishment. This meant that under current legislation it would be 'unfair' to keep him in custody until then. The legislation says there must be substantial grounds for refusing bail and so they let him out and he killed family man Gary Newlove.

Now pardon me but how many offences does he have to commit before he qualifies for a custodial sentence? Twelve violent offences and he is given community service? There is pandering to the politician and being downright stupid. What happens now? Can these magistrates look at themselves in the mirror? Will they resign? Will they be sacked? In a nutshell that tells us all what is wrong with our country. Magistrates with no scruples or principles are sentencing crooks with no scruples or principles and we all reap the reward.

Judge Ian Trigger deserves a pat on the back for his condemnation of this government and all the squalid little people who won't stand up and be counted but I bet the knives are already out for him. Well said sir that took courage.

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