Thursday, 24 January 2008

ITV News

I am currently watching the ITV news and I am absolutely horrified about the lead story which deals with the child criminals from Eastern Europe who are now resident in this country. So this is what we have come to? We ethnic English have a lot to answer for. We have allowed this to happen in our country because we have been so arrogant, complacent, indolent and lazy.

We know what is right and wrong. We know that successive governments (not just NuLab) have reneged on the protection of the ethnic population from mass immigration. We have stood by and watched as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants have waltzed into our country and cost us millions which should have been used to give our elderly population a comfortable old age.

We have allowed the Blair/Brown alliance to con us that any protest is racist. The police have been withdrawn from the streets (unless they are protesting about pay). The troops have been committed to wars that have nothing to do with us so that we do not have any reserves to defend us.

When are we going to wake up and defend our country against the invasion that has been allowed to happen? We have amongst us people who do not recognize a civilized society. If they do not recognize civilisation then we should be uncivilized when dealing with them.

Fear is the only weapon that they recognise. Fear is the only weapon that a civilised society can use to defend against the uncivilised. We have to threaten our useless local MP's that unless they agitate for a total change of direction then they will lose their seats. We the ethnic English must forget party politics. We must forget that our parents voted Labour or Conservative or Liberal. They all preach the same message! We must be tolerant. We must be compliant. We must be European. We must welcome all the illegal immigrants. We must accept that young violent teenagers have to be understood/tolerated/pacified. BOLLOCKS!

I have had enough but have you? Come on post me, argue against me, talk to me. You my friends and family have ignored this BLOG for a long time but as long as you do I will try to be your conscience. Who will be the first/second (sorry Iain) person to post a comment or are you all too scared/complacent/indolent to care about your country! Do you not worry about the future of your children? I challenge any of you to post a comment and show that you care about your country or the future of your children!

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