Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Political sleaze!

Will it never end? Every way the man in the street looks there is incompetence and sleaze. I well remember the mood when Tony Blair was elected. It was euphoric and now we face so many accusations of corruption that it is difficult to address the subject.

Down in London there are reports that Ken Livingstone has been so corrupt that mates of his have creamed off millions from the London budget and the police or the auditors do not want to address the subject. The London Evening Standard has been campaigning for some time on this.
The prestigious position of Mayor of London will soon be contested by Red Ken and his opponents will be ...Boris Johnson (Tory) and Brian Paddick (LibDem). Wow! Boris is a well known Tory clown and Brian Paddick has made his name as the 'gay' copper. Give me strength!

A Tony Blair aide who, for some amazing coincidence is American, is charged with driving whilst using her mobile phone. When checked it transpires that she does not hold a valid driving licence which invalidates her insurance. She then hires an expensive lawyer who says that she did not know that her American licence was not valid in the UK. I suppose that is the reason that she applied for a Provisional licence! Oh come on, who believes that garbage? Apparently the judge believed her because whe got a three point penalty and a £250 fine! So that is the penalty for driving without licence and insurance? That is ridiculous but confirms what most of us think. There is one law for the rich and famous and another law for the rest of us.

The financial world apparently is in meltdown but our great and glorious PM appears on TV to bid fond farewell to Connie Huq of Blue Peter who is probably more famous for appearing at some kind of film premier with her chest hanging out! Hm are we surprised?

There is yet another story rumbling along about a free lance journalist who has asked, under the Freedom of Information Act , for a copy of the document which actually sent us to war in Iraq. Now frankly I think most of us agree that Blair conned everyone and 'conned' is a nice word. This journalist has been granted permission to view this document which surprise, surprise, was not written by the Intelligence Services but by a government aide! So far, despite the ruling by the relevant authorities, he has not received a copy of the ruling which has cost so many lives. Am I surprised? At one time I worked in a missile section of GCHQ and anyone who believes that Iraq had a missile which could hit the UK in 45 minutes needs a reality check.

And now we have the coppers on the streets of London... well that is something new.

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