Sunday, 13 January 2008

Ibstock and Heather

Last Thursday an election for a place on the NW Leicestershire District Council took place at Ibstock and Heather an area close to Coalville in Leicestershire. The Tories apparently were quite confident that they would gain the seat from Labour. In the event Labour held onto the seat by 63 votes from... wait for it... the BNP!!

Now this interests me because I know a lot of people in Leicestershire who openly admit that, given the candidate, they too would vote BNP. I have visited the BNP web site and I must say that on the surface they want what many of us want. They particularly want to limit and control immigration and they also want to get out of Europe.

I realise that there are racial overtones when the BNP is discussed in the press and the term 'odious' often prefixes any mention of the party but there are no racial policies expressed in their manifesto. I agree that they promise to tackle some of the issues which need tackling and that it is likely they would put the indigenous population first.

They do however, appear to be the most organised of the small parties and I just wonder if the worm is about to turn and that the electorate are about to let mainstream politics know how they are regarded outside of Westminster (given that we ever get round to an election).

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