Monday, 18 October 2010

Emergency Services

The current enquiry into the 7/7 disaster committed by Muslims against the British public at large has highlighted that the emergency services have been hamstrung by ridiculous Health and Safety regulations which have cost lives.

It must have been really galling to have survived this catastrophe and then walking out to discover emergency service personnel skulking around waiting orders to go in and save lives.

What are we doing? Why have we not allowed these natural heroes to do their jobs? Who decided that they could not save lives? I have to tell you that my instincts tell me that they are the same people who voted for Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson. None of the above have the people of Britain as their priority...they aim only for power and I just hope that the Coalition will reverse this trend.

How can anyone introduce a policy which will stop the emergency services from piling in and rescuing those who need their help? Only the very people who want to wreck a country that should offer their taxpayers a wonderful, luxury,life if run for the benefit of the taxpayer. The very people who consider that our money is better off in the hands of African despots, European Socialists and Chinese and Indian superpowers!

My mother should be living the life of Riley having paid into our corrupt system for over 80 years but her CareHome is closing down and she needs to be removed to save money. None of our politicians (particularly NoLab) appear to think that the profligacy of government spending is the problem.

It is not the income that is the government's problem it is the expenditure. We, the taxpayer, do not generally agree with our successive governments on how they spend our money. They should listen more to the electorate and just remember the Coalition have NEVER given us a vote on the two most important issues... the EU and Foreign Aid.

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