Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Talking down Britain...

Generally the people who I speak to agree that we have to give the Coalition an opportunity to get us out of the mess that NoLab left us in. Most of us realise that the economy had been wrecked by incompetence and an immoral disregard for common sense. The public had been to led to expect a standard of living that they could not afford and reality has to kick in at some time.

Despite this I am amazed at how many groupings are talking the country down. I can understand how Her Majesty's Opposition, after their abject performance in power, would hope that any future plans from the government failed. I realise that a certain section of the media have vested interests so hope that The Coalition fails but surely in the interests of the country at least a fair hearing is in order.

I have already in a previous post castigated the miserable BBC for their lead in hoping that the Coalition fails but the disease has also spread to SKY News who appear to highlight any morsel of bad news and begrudge news which most of us would welcome.

In the meantime digging away at the foundations of the country are the evil unions who seem to spend their whole time spreading alarm and despondency and creating situations designed to harm the government and the public at large. Their latest guise is to threaten that firefighters will take strike action on Bonfire Night! They beggar belief!

What is it about Britain and the British way of life which engenders such hatred and disloyalty? Why is it that so many of the so called intelligentsia, the media, the politicians and the unions appear to hate the country that spawned them?

In the meantime the general public, in the guise of the taxpayer, continues to have this unshakable faith that everything will work out in the end and that they won't need to riot on the streets to defend their faith and their way of life. I hope that they are right but there does appear to be far too many forces for evil around us for comfort.

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