Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Trade Union Movement

It is typical that the Trade Union movements should rail against any effort to curb public spending by anyone. They would oppose spending cuts by the NoLab movement because they think that the state should support the public because in that way the state rules everyone.

Their leaders cream off huge salaries and in return cause mischief at every turn. Most of them are bully boys trading on so called working class roots and they are diametrically opposed to anything which would enhance the British economy. Their absolute goal is to ruin the British economy which they demonstrate at every turn. Every time that we have a prosperous, iconic, British company then along come the Unions to bring it to its knees.

I cannot think of one union triumph in the last fifty years. I cannot think of one union intervention which has made life better for their own workers. The unions of today, unlike the unions of yesteryear, are the parriahs of today's society. If you value fair play, honesty and even handedness then forget your local union representative. He or she is programmed against the British economy and will never contemplate any form of reasoned thinking.

They have only one ambition and that is to wreck everything that we hold dear. The Trade Union of today is purely designed to bring down the country that they should serve and I cannot believe that so many people are so blinded by their ultimate purpose.

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