Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Where are we on the EU?

I am intrigued by the stance of the Coalition and David Cameron on our relationship with the European Union. I am an implacable enemy of the EU because my generation were railroaded into what has become a Socialist conspiracy when they proclaimed that is was a trade agreement. I actually voted for the propaganda way back in the seventies and have regretted it ever since.

David Cameron gives the impression that he is not the greatest fan of the EU and that he will fight for our cause. I wonder just how far he is prepared to go? Watching PM's Question Time there is little doubt that his backbenchers are being primed to ask the questions. I believe that the Coalition government are preparing for battle. I really hope so because this corrupt, unaudited, organisation needs to be challenged!

A referendum would help. No fudges, no deals, no promises...just do we want to contribute to the EU or not? Why is that not an option?

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Julian said...

Once again, I agree. I think some Euro-scepticism could be very popular just now. However one has to wonder how far the coalition is prepared to go down that road given that the Deputy PM is a former Euro MP and confirmed Europhile.