Friday, 22 October 2010

The European Union

Are we beginning to see the death throes of this socialist conspiration to enslave Western Europe to an unelected, unaudited, political elite who tried to bind so many diverse countries together to provide a world power.

It is becoming so obvious that this power grouping is falling apart at the seams that the major players, France and Germany, are beginning to realise that they alone cannot prop up Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Eire.

Apparently Angela Merkel (The German Chancellor) is asking for French support to change the constitution so that the weaker countries can default on their debts without countries like Germany and France bailing them out! Yippee! At last the truth is beginning to emerge because the Germans are starting to feel the pinch. That means that the whole EU concept, which has been at fault from the start, is now in the balance.

Already the EU has voted for an increase in the contributions from member states despite almost every member state cutting everything to survive. Only the EU politburo can consider an increase in membership contributions despite the economic realities. As usual they ignore the obvious as Gordon Brown and his socialist partners did in the UK.

Historically every time a Socialist government has grasped power the result has always been economic disaster. It is always the same and has been so for the past 50 years. The EU is a financial disaster. The finances of countries like, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and Eire cannot be saved by France and Germany (and the UK). They must find their own salvation.

For whatever reason the weaker countries have sat back and relied on the EU. It is a socialist principle but in practice it does not work. The State cannot employ everyone even though in the UK they tried to do it. The EU is deeply flawed and when it unravels so may people will suffer.

Watch closely because as usual any Socialist power grab normally fails in the end because they are all about dogma and have little experience of reality. Time will tell!


Julian said...

This is certainly good news for those that loathe the EU, however a union of states that has a central government and passes union-wide laws but does not act as a whole to support weaker members is actually worse than not having the EU at all. If part of it goes, it should all go, however Germany's proposals seem designed to try to preserve the EU not initiate its demise. And the British have always regarded it as a poor show to abandon a sinking ship before all the passengers are off.

bryboy said...

You have probably detected Julian that I am an implacable enemy of anything undemocratic! I personally don't think that France and Germany ever had any intention of supporting their weaker brethren when the going got tough. It would cost them far too much. I accept your 'abandon ship' premise but then until we accepted the Euro as our currency we were never really part of the crew. Passengers can abandon if they want to take the risk!