Saturday, 16 October 2010


In my heart of hearts I really want our Coalition to work and repair the damage inflicted on the taxpayer by the NoLab years of incompetence. There have been plenty of newspaper headlines, lots of enthusiastic rhetoric about reversing NoLab misrule but in actuality very little appears to be happening.

They were going to burn quangos but how many have disappeared? They were going to cap immigration but still they flood here from all over the world. All we ever read is yet another amnesty for illegal immigrants. The criminal justice system needs a major overhaul but we still cannot jail offenders.

Apparently it costs £38000 a year to keep one criminal in jail. Why? I am convinced that many of the criminal class live better lives behind bars than they could afford on the outside. Now this is a real opportunity to save some money by removing some of the luxuries that the career criminals enjoy on the inside.

I'm afraid I have my doubts about the Cameron/Clegg double act. Both have far too easily shed the principals upon which they were elected. I keep seeing them and behind I also see the spectre of Tony Blair. How we all thought he was the great saviour and the subsequent outcome still haunts the country.

I want to see a genuine attempt being made to reverse the socialist mistakes of the past 13 years and not just more smoke and mirrors. Our political system has never been under so much scrutiny and the public want action. If they don't get it this time then all confidence in the British democratic system could disappear. This is almost last chance saloon and if the Coalition don't grasp the nettle then what next? I dread to think.

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