Friday, 15 October 2010

Is Danny Murphy right?

Danny who... I hear you ask so let me tell you how important this guy is. He is a professional footballer who has preached heresay by criticising certain football managers for sending out their players so 'motivated' that they are committing tackles which have caused major injuries.

Predictably the football industry has ignored the obvious, they have ignored the broken legs and they have ignored the serious injuries caused by certain players from certain teams who continually wade in tryinmg to intimidate the opposition. Danny Murphy is a good technical player who knows how to look after himself. He is no softy but he has recognised that our national sport has fallen foul of thugs.

Some of the tackles which have broken legs have been nothing short of physical assault but the real courage belongs to Murphy. The football industry is a closed shop to all but the 'precious' few who have 'played the game'. Only they who have trodden the holy turf of professional football can ever have an opinion on football. They are of course protecting their jobs and their profession hence the predictable diatribe from all and sundry lining up to castigate Murphy.

Murphy has courageously criticised his profession and he is right. If football continues along the current trend of intimidation and aggression then more and more players will be maimed. The managers and professionals should be encouraging skill and technique because without those prerequisites the national team will continue to flounder at world level.

Instead the footballing world once again closes ranks and refuses to acknowledge the obvious. At least Murphy has forced them to once again look inwardly but until the footballing authorities have the courage to address the real issues clouding the game then they will continually ignore the facts.

In the meantime I will ask just one simple question. Does Mick McCarthy, the Manager of Wolves, feed his captain Carl Henry on raw meat, or is that just my perception?

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