Saturday, 23 October 2010

The BBC and impartiality...

I am amazed that the BBC has not been taken to task from the Government about their coverage of everything political. Their blatant bias continues unabated even to the point that their presenters and journalists are mounting a far better opposition to the Coalition than the official opposition.

The difference is of course that NoLab left the country in such a dreadful state that they really cannot really mount an effective attack on anything that the Coalition proposes. The Brown/Blair/Darling axis has drawn the teeth from any realistic opposition. It is therefore unsurprising that the BBC have taken up the cudgels but it is not their brief.

The brief of the BBC is to report the news accurately and not to bend their coverage to support the views of any individual political group. Unfortunately during the Blair/Brown years the BBC decided that socialism was their given bias and almost without exception their staff have been recruited with that bias in mind.

Perhaps it is time for the government to sort them out. If I was David Cameron I would be gently suggesting a few changes to the funding of the BBC unless they begin to fulfill their role. I for one do not wish to support anything even vaguely socialist so my licence fee is given reluctantly.

If the BBC want to follow their socialist path then so be it but they then forfeit my licence fee. To my mind they should be fed to the competitive market and then they will discover reality. It has to come....

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