Friday, 15 October 2010

The Political Class

Mrs Meldrew and I have just returned from 16 nights on board the most recent of the P&O cruse liners the Azura during which time we met a real cross section of the British public drawn from right across the country. There were 3000 people on this cruise around the Adriatic which for me was a little impersonal.

At every meal we tended to chat to a different couple and hardly ever saw
them again which if course may or may not have been coincidental. Almost without exception however the conversations turned to the state of the country. Now it has to be said that most of the cruisers were retired and so tended to represesent only one cross section of the country but the one factor which remained constant was the total despair and disgust at the conduct of our politicians.

Most appeared to agree that elections have ceased to have any relevance. The reason being that every party promises the earth and frankly deliver nothing that the electorate need or want. For example who promised us in the run up to the election that we would be locking up fewer criminals? We keep hearing about the destruction of the unelected quangos but in reality how many of them will actually go?

The criminal justice system jogs merrily along without change, the socialists who wrecked our education system are still all in position (supported by the teachers unions) to ensure that any proposed change will be met with very strong militant resistance and soldiers returning home are still ignored by housing authorities.

Nothing has changed in the immigration world, The EU continues to seize taxpayer's money without responsibility and we are still giving money to country's like India who immediately buy fighter aircraft made in China.

The vast majority of the people who I spoke to on our cruise only wanted to see common sense introduced to government policy. We want to see the wicked punished properly, we want to see grown up education policies and we want to see our money spent wisely. We are not asking for the Earth but somehow I cannot see any progress towards the common sense goals from any of our present day politicians.

It really all boils down to one concept. Do you believe that all government departments should be subject to audit? If you believe that principal then you disagree with almost 100% of the modern day politician regardless of the party they proclaim to support. The European Union remains unaudited and yet enjoys the support of all our leading politicians. Nuff said!

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