Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Housing Benefit

Ha! The Coalition are turning the tables and focusing on 'fairness'. At long last somebody is concentrating on the unfair system which allows immigrant/unemployed families to enjoy a standard of living not afforded to ordinary working families.

Tonight on 'Newsnight' an immigrant family (the father of course on sick leave) are complaining of the unfair system! Another unemployed family compalin that they have just got their kids into a really good school and might now have to move. The BBC are as usual trying to make a case that the immigrant and workshy are being penalised.

And about time to! How fair is it that working families cannot afford these luxury apartments/houses when under the NoLab government they were handed out willy nilly. They campaign that the Tories are gerrymandering the housing to gain an electoral advanatage.

It is a desperate ploy and as we have seen tonight live on BBC 2 their 'clients' all believe that they can just sit back and claim their 'entitlement'. I seriously hope that the Coalition will continue to educate these workshy no hopers that their days of an easy life has just suddenly disappeared.

Unless you have integrated, got a job and contribute to our economy then you can face life on a housing estate where you can join people with a similar outlook/aspiration/ambition because life is about to change for you.

If you don't like it then how about life back in Somalia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan....etc! Yeah I thought not!

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Julian said...

I quite agree. My wife watched this programme, she is originally from Ukraine and lived nearly 40 years under the Soviet regime, and she cannot believe the handouts people get here. It's no wonder people from all over the world come to the "land of free money." Stop benefits and you would stop all the unwanted immigration. The cuts in this area don't go nearly far enough in my opinion.