Wednesday, 20 October 2010

At last there is a plan....

I do not blindly believe that the Coalition is the panacea to all our troubles but hearing George Osbourne today I have to admit that at least he had a plan. For years we could see our National Debt rising unchecked by NoLab and nobody offering any form of coherent plan to rein in spending.

Today the same bunch of chancers under the guise of the Shadow Chancellor, Alan Johnson, had the temerity to challenge the government plan even though in thirteen years they had not proffered one radicle proposal to tackle the National Debt. They are clueless when it comes to hard fact and the fact that the Coalition has hit the ground running emphasises their lack of action.

I am beginning to get the impression that NoLab was all about personal infighting and the country has suffered as a result. Whatever, listening to a Chancellor with ideas, enthusiasm and intention contrasted sharply with the lack of energy depicted by Brown, Darling and Co in their closing years. The NoLab front bench is a busted flush and I think today demonstrated that Ed Miliband suddenly realised he now has to play with the big boys and he has very poor cards to play with.

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