Wednesday, 5 March 2008

European Football

Tonight Chelsea joined Man Utd and Arsenal in the quarter finals of the European Cup (as I call it). Next Tuesday Liverpool have a great chance of becoming our fourth team into those quarter finals. As it stands the opposition is Schalke(from Germany), Barcelona and Fenerbahce(from Turkey). Now with the exception of Barcelona I reckon that this competitiion is at the mercy of the English clubs but which one?

I must admit that I have a great admiration for the Gunners. They play the type of football that people like me want to watch. I love the artistry of Fabregas, Xleb and Flamini. What a pity that they are all foreigners but on Tuesday night a new English forward made his mark. Theo Walcott is now beginning to look the real deal. This young man could be a major contributor in the next World Cup. What a shame that he plays in the same position as David Bentley. We now have two world class players playing in the same position. Will we now see why Capello is being paid so much money by the FA or will we see the same old lack of imagination.

We have always had the players but we cannot find the managers to harness the talent. Will Fabio Capello prove any different?

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