Saturday, 29 March 2008

The Red Arrows and this Government!

I have just received E-Mails from my daughter and an old military colleague asking me to sign a petition demanding that the Red Arrows be allowed to perform their demonstration at the Olympics. Apparently this government is proposing to ban them on the grounds that they are 'Too British' and could offend some of the competing countries!

I believe that the outrage will be catastrophic for this pathetic, weak-kneed bunch of prats who should be consigned to the waste basket of history. What I cannot understand is why the military brass are not going berzerk! I really hope that someone will rise from amidst the military ranks and tell them what people they actually represent.

They represent British people the majority of which, despite their efforts to change them, are still predominantly, white, hard working families with a sense of decency handed down by their ancestors who fought and died for this country.

We do not support the rampant rise of predatory homosexuals, tolerance of paedophiles, Muslim activists, illegal gypsy sites, dishonest politicians, anything vaguely promoting a European State, mass immigration, East European people traffickers, the NUT, filthy hospitals, absentee police, the destruction of our Armed Forces, ignoring the weak and elderly, benefits for young,indolent, single mothers or lazy young men or their unemployed parents and grandparents! Have I missed anything?

If the Red Arrows are barred from flying at the Olympics then we should boycott the Olympics and show the world that it is not us who are shaming our country it is our absurd politicians and their greedy,incompetent,morally bankrupt officials who support them.

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