Monday, 3 March 2008


This afternoon I spent a little time with my second granddaughter while her parents fulfilled an appointment at my first grandaughters's school. Number one grandaughter is a star! She is talented in so many directions that sometimes she is scary. It is difficult to visualise what her future might be because she already seems to know that she is a bit special.

She is a showgirl. She likes to perform and she is learning the guitar. She attracts a lot of attention but today I got to know grandaughter number two. We sat down and played Playmobil where we have to use our imagination and for an hour we had great fun. I am obviously a Grandad proud of my little ones. In this day and age it is sometimes all about mummies, grandmas, sisters and aunties.

We grandads however still have our parts to play. I don't see too many mummies or grandmas dropping their children (off the settee) into shark infested waters and then rescuing them just as the shark is about to strike! Kids love it! Imagination is a wonderful world and sometimes we grandads have that silly, stupid, insight into the kids world that the practical females do not comprehend. We do have our place folks even if the politicians have written us off as useless males!

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