Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Order! Order!

I cannot credit that our current Speaker is prepared to go to court to prevent Freedom of Information campaigners from discovering the extent of his alleged pilfery. Surely this means that he is covering something up and if he isn't then what is the problem?

Personally I have always found it rather bemusing that a working class sheetmetal worker should inherit one of the most historically significant parliamentary positions. I know that sounds pathetically snobbish but surely someone in that position has to possess a sense of propriety based on education, leadership qualities and experience. I always get the feeling when watching Speaker Martin that he is socialist through and through and therefore would find it impossible to give the opposition an even break which is his job.

On top of that if he has been spending tax payers money unwisely (or worse) he could be in for a very rocky time because now that the press have got a whiff of blood they won't stop until they have got him. In the meantime as this matter now goes to court it is, as ever, the taxpayer who picks up the bill.
Just after I wrote this I popped onto Iain Dale's Diary to learn that the Speaker is now bending parliamentary rules to gag MP's from discussing the subject. It is warming up folks!

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Pablo the Scot said...

Remember that this is the same bunch of charlatans who believe that allowing MPs to vote their conscience rather than the Party line would be an negation of democracy! Is it any surprise that they want to hide their expences from the people who pay them and to gag any MP who attempts to ask any questions about it?