Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Lord Mayor of London

I know nothing about politics in our capital city but it is quite obvious that the position of Lord Mayor of London is a most prestigious position. So we have a competition between Ken Livingston, Boris Johnson and (gawd help us) Brian Paddick to see who will be the hat waving Lord Mayor.

Now don't get me wrong, but this position seems to be very important to Londoners so why haven't we got proper candidates? 'Red' Ken is a professional politician who is distrusted even by NoLab but they, for some reason, welcomed him back into their party even though he is distrusted by almost everyone on the political scene. His most trusted Lieutenant has just resigned, a guy called Lee Jasper, who resigned after allegatiions of financial impropriety! Surely not a NOLab supporter with his hands in the till?

Boris Johnson is a real live joke! He could not do anything useful in life so he has become a politician. So this is the best that the Tories could come up with? I'm sorry but he is an insult to the electorate and to his party.

That leaves us with the LibDems and they present us with Brian Paddick. He is only known as the gay top copper! He wrote an article in the Mail on Sunday last weekend which only went to prove why the Police Force is as ineffectual as it is. The man is a total liability.

I feel sorry for Londoners but then there are very few real Londoners left. The whole of our capital city is populated by foreigners or fat cats so they deserve what they get! Personally I don't give a damn!

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jwildbore said...

Just one comment - the position they are running for is Mayor of London, not Lord Mayor of London.

The latter is a symbolic role of no real importance attached to the City. The title holder hosts a parade each year.