Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Inflation and the Pensioner

On 15 January I blogged that my local MP's expense allowance was increasing by about 10% per annum whereby the PM had told Andrew Marr on live Sunday television that the inflation rate was just 2per cent. Today the soaring cost of living has been announced and it is very much in line with what my wife tells me week after week!

Butter up 37%, Eggs 34%, Bread 28% Flour 22%, Milk 17%, Gas and Fuel 10% and Petrol 8%. In addition Council Tax bills are also rocketing so where does Gordon Brown get his 2% from? Once again he is refusing to face the truth and once again the people who suffer most from his failures are the vulnerable pensioners.

How the elderly on a basic pension manage I do not know. I eagerly await the next inflation rate announcement just to see what they think they can get away with this time. One thing we do know is that it won't be accurate!


notareargunner said...

Your wife is wrong with fuel. Mine had gone up twice in the last twelve months, 13% then 17%. Water went up at a similar rate and is due to go up another 6% on the 1st April. And I get £83 pw to live off. Not bad for just another veteran who had his pension stolen by the 1973 Social Services and Pensions Act. God LOVES Labour, cos I know of no-one else who does!

bryboy said...

Lo mate good to hear from you. I think that I misled you because I gave the figures quoted in the press. My wife agrees with you that it is even worse than they say! Loved your blog by the way. Most ex servicemen retain a proper perspective on modern life and still have that non PC sense of humour.