Tuesday, 25 March 2008

MP's Expenses

Ah Ha at long last the establishment is getting involved in the 'Snouts in the Trough' saga. 'Newsnight' addressed it tonight and I suspect there are many MPs are squirming in embarrassment at the thought that their greed could now be exposed. I revisited the MPs Spreadsheet provided by Guido Fawkes (by the way thanks for the mention Guido) and concentrated on Air Fairs.

Now I did say in my original blog that it was an inexact science but one has to say that Rosie Winterton from Doncaster racking up £13906 on air fares in one year does seem excessive even though she is a Minister of State for the Dept of Transport.

I also mentioned Phil Woollas from Oldham even though he is the Minister for (Wait for it) Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and so I should possibly excuse his PPS Nia Griffith (Llanelli) who racked up £12557 in Air fares. They obviously like to take to the skies on a regular basis.

The one I cannot understand becaue he is not a Minister of any state or even on the government front bench is Rob Wilson (Con) from Reading who clocked up an astonishing £13702 in air fares. Am I being unfair or can anyone explain this?


notareargunner said...

Are you really surprised? This class of thief have taken coruptin out of the alphabet.

Leyther said...

Dont ever forgetit was the Tories under Thatcher who made Greed acceptable. We are still suffering because of it.