Saturday, 8 March 2008

Enoch Powell

I have just watched a programme on BBC 2 about the prophesies of Enoch Powell which showed footage of the protests against mass immigration more than twenty years ago. This is very significant to all the white males of my age because we lived through these times and have seen our country change beyond all recognition.

The England of those days was a safe place where children could run free all day long. The elderly would never be attacked because they were someone's mother or father and they would be avenged. Education was constant, recognised and approved.
We all knew our place in society but the overriding principle of our society was the upholding of law and order.

Fast forward to today and look what we have got. Our country is in decay. We don't even trust the police even when we see any. Education for our children is a joke. We have parents desperately buying houses in certain areas in the hope that this will qualify their children to attend a decent school!

Nobody wants to be admitted to hospital because it courts death from horrendous super bugs. The executives who run these hell holes pick up huge salaries and even more in bonuses but are never held culpable when people are murdered in their disease ridden hospitals.

But back to Enoch Powell...he warned against mass immigration possibly in terms that were not prudent but all the same he had a point. The character of our country has changed beyond recognition. The honour and integrity which bound together an indigenous white population together has been usurped by a totally alien concept of behaviour.

Now before I am accused of racist tendencies which frankly I would openly admit to I do believe that mass immigration has been such a disaster for our country. We will never recover from it. I was always taught at school that we English were unconquered since William the First in 1066. There are now so many aliens in our country that they have totally changed the face of England and far too much money is spent on them. The white indigenous population feel that they are being ignored to such an extent that all the talent is bailing out.

This is a country in serious decline and we all know it. We have a desperately bad Prime Minister and a desperately bad Cabinet. Even the opposition is poor, I mean look at that prat Clegg...oh don't get me going! Enoch Powell was absolutely right but unfortunately he used the wrong words.


Thatsnews said...

Yes. But it was, as a Tory government minister, Enoch Powell who INTRODUCED mass immigration in the early 1950s!

It was a trick to depress the demand for wage rises. People who had fought in the war were told that everything was going to be rosy noticed that employers still expected people to work for a pittance.

So, how to artificially depress the cost of wages? Simple! Denude Commonwealth countries of their lifeblood and bring the flower of their society to Britain!

And within 15 to 20 years of HIM introducing this folly of a policy, Enoch Powell pretended it had been nothing to do with him at all and predicting the dire results of his own bloody policies as a government minister!

Enoch Powell was nothing but a hypocritical git! And it galls me that he was a Brummie, as I am. NOT one of our city's finest sons, it has to be said...

bryboy said...

I stand corrected and thanks for the background. My thoughts on the state of the country remain the same although I realise that many of the immigrants have made some remarkable contributions to our society. I just feel that mass immigration is changing our country too quickly for our own good.

notareargunner said...

You are treading water covered by such as Rouge Gunner and Theo Spark ( A belted well done and welcome to reality.
Having had sixty stitches put in my face by an immigrant, a few days after my fifteenth birthday, I still get anxiety when I have to walk past a black fella with his peroxide wimin. And that was from 45 years ago this week.
Having lived in Africa for twenty years I can add thet the liberal left are clueless and irresponsible in their lauding of a multi cultural utopia. It does not exist. Ask the native Fijian.