Monday, 2 September 2013

Cameron and Hague!

Now I thought that the House of Commons had an often used tradition that if the principle people behind an ill advised proposal lost the vote then they should in all decency resign? While I was away enjoying the sun kissed beaches of the Isle of Harris David Cameron and William Hague lost the most important proposal to have gone through parliament since the days of 'Butcher' Blair!

Somehow the country mustered up sufficient MPs to reject intervention in Syria.  The proposal by the PM and the Foreign Secretary was clearly flawed and surely we should now inquire how they came to their conclusions?

The British people are sick of war! We have been constantly at war ever since Blair came into power and yet Cameron and Hague want more!  What is driving them on? Who is driving them on?

President Putin has challenged the UK and the USA to produce their evidence of chemical attacks on the Syrian people by the Assad regime to the UN. It will never happen! I would almost guarantee that there is NO evidence.  So why are these powerful politicians insisting, without any concrete evidence, (remember Blair's WMD farce) to take this nation into yet another war?

Parliament has rejected the motion by Cameron and Hague to take this country to war. SURELY, even in this day and age, that means resignation? Why have they not resigned? How can they remain in place when their catastrophic platform, not endorsed by the British public, has been rejected?

The public must now ask what is driving our leading politicians into a position that they cannot defend? They have paraded for months in the mainstream media proclaiming a lie as a certainty when as far as I can see there is no evidence and yet they recall Parliament to vote on an unsubstantiated issue.  They are becoming increasingly more desperate to unseat Assad but they know that the Syrian President has some serious weaponry and will probably bite back.

I am becoming increasingly impressed by the stance of Andrew Bridgen MP who is a true Conservative.  He opposes almost everything that Cameron supports. He seems to intuitively know that David Cameron has lost the plot and is following orders from someone other than the British public.

The British have rejected the lies so the French have stepped up to the plate.  That is how it should be in this invidious attempt to unseat yet another Middle Eastern leader. This is not our problem and we should cease allowing the British Army to be used as a mercenary force for any passing banker to call upon.


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