Sunday, 8 September 2013

Meet Judge Jeanine Pirro!

Some time ago I discovered Judge Jeanine Pirro who appears in America on Fox News and has the habit of slaughtering the policies of President Obama.  She talks fact as opposed to politics and clearly enjoys putting the record straight particularly where the misdemeanors of her President are concerned.

Subsequently she has built up quite a following on YouTube because she refuses to accept the lies she reads in the mainstream media and checks things out.  The fact that she is also intelligent and articulate does not harm her case either.

This is her latest rant at the incompetence emanating from the Obama administration and it is little wonder that the American public are not backing his jaundiced view on the situation in Syria.  I still fear that this man could start something that he won't be able to stop.  I also wonder how this man got a second term in office based upon his 'hopey' 'changey' rhetoric!


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that, thanks for the link, she speaks well and i suspect for many millions of the backbone of her country, you know the daft sods too busy working their bloody socks off to pay for the shambles.

Pity there's no Fox news here, we could do with something mainstream on the idiot box that isn't bought and paid for by the present owners of whats left of this place and fronted by clones.

Judge Pirro easy on the eye too which is no bad thing..;)



bryboy said...

Hello Judd...yes I agree she is also attractive but in this day and age even I hesitate to mention it! I just like the way that she cuts through the Obama crap. This American administration must surely be the most evil in history! Well at least on a par with the Bush/Blair crowd?
Tks for your interest.

alam britos said...

i did follow in love with every single think she clear,direct,confronting media and the people who make american history but....i gest not body kepp my love in admiracion por usted querida senora.jpv.and i defenally no a robot..frustrated human that so i am.

alam britos said...

sorry i think i am a robot..hahhahaha

alam britos said...

senora pirro,usted me asusta cada vez que la veo exponer con tanta sabiduria los diferentes puntos sobre la Politica en America,su expresion de su mirada,sus gestos,su elocuencia para dirigir todo el argumento en fin tanta capacidad perdida y asi quieren tener a hillary clinton como la proxima presidente de esta nacion...por que no existe una persona como usted en la silla presidencial?..