Thursday, 5 September 2013

This is Tribal Warfare!

Nobody can dismiss the situation in Syria as being anything other than a humanitarian disaster.  The number of displaced people is growing every day but the level of atrocity is unimaginable.  As usual our mainstream media is only feeding us the one line that they want you to believe.

The official line is that President Assad is using chemical weapons to slaughter his own people.  We should therefore side with the rebels and give them modern weaponry so that they can win the war. Simple innit!?

The problem is that we do not yet know who comprises this 'rebel' force.  Well we have heard the official version so maybe you would like to see the truth.  I found this clip on YouTube after part of it was shown on SKY TV.  It is extremely graphic but it does illustrate the level of depravity which the 'rebel' forces can stoop to.

Now when you have seen it perhaps you should ask yourself why does Cameron and Hague want to arm these butchers further?  How can my own MP Nicky Morgan, who I am told is a decent person,  want to support this kind of savagery?

This is clearly tribal warfare and as such it has been going on for centuries.  We cannot understand it and therefore we should keep our noses out.  I do have to search to bring a balanced picture to this conflict but thank heavens some of our MPs voted for common sense.


Captain Ranty said...

There are something like 20 different factions involved in Syria.

How do you even begin to sort that out?

I was in Algeria in the early/mid nineties and I was staggered at the brutality they visit upon one another. Sometimes just for having a different surname or living in a different village.

Shocking stuff, but 'twas ever thus.

We interfere at our peril.


Anonymous said...

Thats not warfare thats the mindless actions of scum lacking any sort of honour or decency.

Ironically if you can stand a drop of irony in the face of such savagery, those lorry drivers are the only people actually doing any bloody work in that video and they were killed for it.

Note the standard of vehicles those thugs were driving round in, this is not some rag tag operation by goat herders though the standard of behaviour exhibited is like something from the dark ages, someone somewhere, another bunch of arse holes, are chucking big money at this.

Thanks for posting it.



bryboy said...

Tks guys at least someone is listening! Judd it is annoying me that the mainstream media does not highlight this. Yes I got it from SKY TV but they sanitised it! We needed to see the whole clip! CR you continue to be my inspiration. Without you I would never have been heard and your blog supported so many of us. You are right 'twas ever thus'. The obfuscation emanating from the mainstream media is ridiculous. Cameron and Hague have shot themselves in the foot. We now know that they don't represent us but 'interested parties'. Syria is just a western invention. Tribal warfare is at the root of all of this and someone is taking advantage of it.